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General Conditions Of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

GAIM Compact User Manual

GAIM Compact User Manual

GAIM Commercial User Manual

GAIM Commercial User Manual

Declaration Of Conformity

Return Form

If you wish to return your product please fill in the return form

Step-by-Step GAIM Compact

GAIM Compact Step-by-Step getting started guide

In this section you'll find the video tutorials needed to get your GAIM system ready

GAIM Compact Tutorial - Weapon Adjustment

GAIM Compact Tutorial - Getting Started

GAIM Compact Tutorial - Set Oculus Developer Mode

GAIM Compact - Bluetooth pairing tutorial

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I'm having technical difficulties with my GAIM Compact?

Please follow our troubleshooting guide which can be found here. There are also tutorials showing different settings. If you still experience issues please contact us for support.

How is the score calculated in GAIM Compact?

General rule is that a killing shot generates 1000p. Any injuring shot deducts 100p. Breaking any safety rule deducts 250p. All points are multiplied by your accuracy which in turn is calculated by dividing killing shots with total shots. The points should encourage hunting like decisions of not taking too difficult shots.

I'm having technical difficulties with my GAIM Commercial system?

Please refer to the user manual under the documents section

What countries do you deliver to?

GAIM Compact is currently released in Denmark & Sweden as support so far is only offered in the scandinavian languages. You can still order the product to other european countries but we will not be able to offer support or documentation in your local language

Where do I find the GAIM software in the headset?

As our software platform GAIM OS is sideloaded into your Quest headset, it will be found in the unknown sources section in the library.

Do I need the Oculus Link cable to use GAIM Compact?

You don't need any connection between the headset and PC when playing. You need to be able to connect the headset via USB 3.0 for the intial installation but any USB cable is fine for that step.

Can I use Mac to install the GAIM software to my headset?

Currently you will need a PC to run the installation package.

What are the ballistics used in GAIM Compact

We have used the data of a standard 308w cartridge in our calculations.

How do I know if I'm on the latest GAIM Compact software version?

We publish our release notes as soon as a new version is released where you can see what version is the latest, the release notes contains information about what's been published, e.g. bug fixes, added functionality etc. The system itself will also notify you if there is an update available.

Is it normal that The GAIM Controller takes long to show in list of available Bluetooth devices?

The trigger unit is set to emit as low signal as possible when being discoverable, just enough for the headset to pick up the signal. We’ve prioritised battery life and the trigger is designed to last 2 years without a battery change. Down side being that the trigger can sometimes be perceived as slow to detect by the headset. Once connected this doesn’t impact the performance though.