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General Conditions Of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

GAIM Compact User Manual

GAIM Compact User Manual

GAIM Commercial User Manual

GAIM Commercial User Manual

Declaration Of Conformity

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GAIM Compact - Weapon Adjustment Tutorial

GAIM Compact - Getting Started

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I'm having technical difficulties with my GAIM Compact?

Please follow our troubleshooting guide which can be found here. There are also tutorials showing different settings. If you still experience issues please contact us for support.

How is the score calculated in GAIM Compact?

General rule is that a killing shot generates 1000p. Any injuring shot deducts 100p. Breaking any safety rule deducts 250p. All points are multiplied by your accuracy which in turn is calculated by dividing killing shots with total shots. The points should encourage hunting like decisions of not taking too difficult shots.

I'm having technical difficulties with my GAIM Commercial system?

Please refer to the user manual under the documents section

What countries do you deliver to?

GAIM Compact is currently released in Denmark & Sweden as support so far is only offered in the scandinavian languages. You can still order the product to other european countries but we will not be able to offer support or documentation in your local language