Shooting Simulators

Immerse yourself in scenarios that replicate real-world environments, whether you're a passionate hunter, dedicated sport shooter, or a professional in law enforcement or the military. Each simulator comes equipped with a weapon controller and scenarios that will help sharpen your aim.



GAIM Complete is the starting package with all our available software at the time of purchase. It is for any hunter and sport shooter wanting to practice or compete in virtual reality wherever you are.

  • GAIM Wooden Rifle or Adjustable Rifle

  • GAIM Training Handgun

  • Two GAIM Triggers

  • All scenarios

Take your dry fire practice to the next level

GAIM x DryFireMag

Use your own handgun in virtual reality. Made for any sport shooter wanting to practice and build muscle memory wherever you are.

  • GAIM x DryFireMag

  • Handgun Meta Quest Holder

  • Bore Block for 9mm

  • 4 Sport Shooting scenarios.


GAIM Clay Shooting

A package for the clay pigeon sport shooter and bird shooting hunter.

  • GAIM Wooden Rifle or Adjustable Rifle

  • GAIM Trigger

  • 9 scenarios in Clay Shooting, Sport Shooting and Bird Hunting

Make every day a hunting adventure

GAIM Hunting

Equipped with rifle, hunting scenarios and analysis, GAIM Hunting lets you seize every opportunity to perfect your skill. Unleash your waterfowl hunting skills, get ready for swift movements in the boar-filled winter forest or take a virtual trip to Sweden’s deep forests for a hunt of the majestic Nordic moose.

  • GAIM Wooden Rifle

  • GAIM Trigger

  • 10 scenarios in Sport Shooting and Hunting


GAIM Handgun

Created for dynamic shooting simulations. Made for any handgun focused sport shooter wanting to practice or compete in virtual reality wherever you are.

  • GAIM Training Handgun

  • GAIM Trigger

  • 4 Sport Shooting Scenarios


Train smarter with GAIM

True ballistics

The ballistic engine accounts for bullet velocity, distance, trajectory & spread

Practice everywhere

When you want, where you want – not only when the shooting range is open

Build muscle memory

Dry fire practice is a proven method for improvement. Hone your shooting for instinctive performance

Endless ammo

Save big on costs with virtual bullets that never run out

360 degrees of realism

Experience lifelike scenarios that mimic the real world in a 360° environment

Train smarter

Instant feedback and post-shot analysis help every shooter optimize the training