GAIM Sport shooting

GAIM Sport Shooting includes the GAIM Training Handgun and 10 shooting scenarios, making it the ideal starter pack for sport shooters with a focus on handgun.

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*To use GAIM you need a Meta Quest headset. It is not sold by us.

Ready for Reality

GAIM Sport Shooting is the starting package with software for any sport shooter wanting to practice or compete in virtual reality wherever you are.


Included scenarios


GAIM of Steel

Practice your speed and accuracy in this modern take of a steel challenge. Embrace the adrenaline, unleash your skills, and let three GAIM of Steel stages push you to new heights of performance.


SimPro® Sport Shooting

Select from several inanimate targets and choose speed, distance, and field of view of the targets.

Time Challenge

Test your speed and accuracy across three adrenaline-pumping stages in the Time Challenge scenario. Each stage is designed to push your precision, agility, and decision-making to achieve the fastest times.


Experience the adrenaline-fueled world of virtual IPSC competition. Engage in dynamic courses, showcasing your speed, precision, and tactical finesse.

Winter Forest

Step into a snowy landscape and brace yourself for swift maneuvers as wild boars emerge from every corner of the forest, putting your skills and precision to the ultimate test.

Autumn Stag

Immerse yourself in hunting stags in the picturesque autumn forest, honing your accuracy and mastering distance measurement.

Bear Valley

Enter Bear Valley, nestled between towering mountains and a majestic waterfall. Precision is paramount, for a missed shot could trigger an intense encounter.

Nordic Moose

Take a virtual trip to Sweden's deep forests where the majestic Nordic moose roam. With realistic simulations you’ll get invaluable training opportunities.


Unleash your waterfowl hunting skills in the Mallard scenario where you will enjoy the freedom of shooting at 360 degrees.

SimPro® Hunting

Created for rapid improvement, SimPro® lets you choose from a wide array of animals and targets, speed, distance, and more.

Capture the smartness from Meta Quest

By attaching your Meta Quest hand controller to the GAIM Training Handgun, you get precise tracking of the handguns position and movement. In the GAIM app, you can calibrate the positioning further to fit your shooting style.

Technical Specifications

Product information

Article Name
GAIM Training Handgun

What’s in the box
GAIM Training Handgun
Quest 2 Holder


Length: 7.28 in (185 mm)

Width: 1.06 in (27 mm)

Height: 5.47 in (139 mm)

Handgun: 0.58 lbs (264 gram)

Handgun + Holder + Trigger: 0.79 lbs (358 gram)

Design & durability

Handgun is an Arex Delta II, made by AREX.

Manufactured in Slovenia


12 months


VR Headset requirement

Meta Quest 2, Meta Pro

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