White Tail Deer Trail

Test your patience and feel tensions build as you stalk and wait for grazing White Tail Deer on our snow speckled winter deer trail. Use your reliable .308 bolt action rifle and tried and true Aimpoint optics. Or go for iron sights. Add a magnifier with 3x, or 6x to push your effective distance needed on this trail. Control the tempo of your hunt with discipline or increase the speed by firing at a higher rate. Targeting a variety of deer in different age brackets.

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*This is an add on scenario to the GAIM simulator and requires you to have a GAIM system.

Fast paced or long range

You’re in control of the tempo on your hunt, you can choose to stalk and catch grazing deer. Or go for high speed driven moving targets.


Additional Details

Hunting type

Deer hunt

Recommended controller

GAIM Wooden Rifle

Virtual weapon types


Included in

Complete Software Bundle
GAIM Complete


GAIM Simulator is required