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We want to start a


We are very interested in collaborations with national hunting associations that are FACE members. We want to offer your members and regional clubs a good discount as a membership benefit. Please contact us so we can set up a discount code for the members of your association.

Read more about our partnership here: FACE PRESS RELEASE

Contact us to get started at info@gaim.com

The GAIM simulator is a great tool to draw a crowd during an event. Use it to educate a class of new hunters, show how to aim on still and moving targets. Or gather your members in the club house for an entertaining shooting session after a meeting.

What can we offer you

How do we start?

We want to offer your individual members a discount code specific for your association that gives them 10% discount on all our simulators.

We also want to offer your local clubs, regional organizations and hunting schools the discount below and the opportunity to purchase without VAT via an invoice.

  • 10% discount on the GAIM Hunting and 50% discount on the Complete Software Bundle.

  • 20% discount on the GAIM Complete.

Please contact us at info@gaim.com so we can agree upon the details and setup a discount code for your members.

In exchange we want you to communicate this discount in your channels such as magazines, newsletter and social media.

About us

The simulator

GAIM is a virtual reality hunting and sport shooting simulator. Innovative Training Technology to Build Muscle Memory and become Ready for Reality!

Virtual shooting training
with real world results.

• Correct Ballistics and Animal Anatomy.
• Realistic Training Guns.
• Rifles, Handgun and Shotgun.
• Realistic Adjustable Trigger Feel.
• 360° Shooting Experience.

GAIM is used together with a Meta Quest 2, Pro or Quest 3 headset. Quest headset is not included, it is to be purchased separately.


Train smarter with GAIM

True ballistics

The ballistic engine accounts for bullet velocity, distance, trajectory & spread

Practice everywhere

When you want, where you want – not only when the shooting range is open

Build muscle memory

Dry fire practice is a proven method for improvement. Hone your shooting for instinctive performance

Endless ammo

Save big on costs with virtual bullets that never run out

360 degrees of realism

Experience lifelike scenarios that mimic the real world in a 360° environment

Train smarter

Instant feedback and post-shot analysis help every shooter optimize the training

Videos on YouTube

  • Good walk through video that explains what you need to know about the GAIM Simulator.

  • General shooting showing different aspects of GAIM. A great video to have on repeat on a screen next to GAIM.