Aim Beyond Reality

Enhance your shooting skills with cutting edge VR technology


Become a better shooter

Practice becomes instincts. Instincts become decisions. Decisions become your reality.

Sport shooting

Training for recreational and competitive shooters, and personal protection.

Shop simulator


Master your hunt. Equipped with shotgun, rifle, hunting scenarios and analysis.

Shop simulator

Clay shooting

A package for the clay pigeon sport shooter and bird shooting hunter.

Shop simulator

Virtual shooting training with real-world results

Enhance your muscle memory, speed & precision with realistic training guns, accurate ballistics and fully immersive software scenarios.

Aim beyond reality with the makers of Aimpoint

Developed by Aimpoint. Perfected by a community of hunters, sport shooters and law enforcement experts. The GAIM shooting system promises to make you ready for reality.



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Load up with more scenarios

Already a Gaimer? Unlock your full potential with more scenarios to practice perfection.

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Events & exhibitions

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