Troubleshooting GAIM Compact

Hopefully you will find an answer to the issue you experience below. If not, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Software shows "Menu update found" but nothing happens
  1. Most probably the update has frozen
  2. Please Uninstall "GAIM OS" and run the "GAIM OS Installer" to get the latest software version
  3. If problem persists, please contact 
There is no sound 
  1. Ensure that the volume is turned up on the headset 
  2. Check if there is sound in the Oculus Quest environment – if no sound please restart the whole headset 
  3. If problem persists, please contact 

Calibration seems wrong 

  1. If the headset starts up from sleep mode – please quit the application and start again. 
  2. Press and hold the Oculus button on the handcontroller to reset the standing position 
  3. If calibration still feels off - exit the GAIM application and reset the guardian and floor level in the Oculus settings menu 
  4. Check so that there is no direct sunlight or other IR emitting sources that disturbs the tracking of the headset 
  5. Restart the headset

Weapon position is wrong 

  1. Go to the weapon setting in GAIM OS and adjust the weapon. Please look through the tutorial video for details on how to do it.  
  2. Check battery of the Oculus hand controller 
  3. Check so that there is no direct sunlight or other IR emitting sources that disturbs the tracking of the headset 
  4. Restart the headset

Trigger doesn’t respond 

  1. Go to the Oculus settings menu and unpair the controller. Then pair the controller again 
  2. Check the battery of the GAIM Trigger unit. (Always remember to use high quality batteries like Duracell, Panasonic or similar) 

Can’t pair the GAIM controller to the Oculus headset 

  1. Make sure you’ve done a “longpress” (press & hold trigger for 30s) on the trigger unit to reset it and make it discoverable. 
  2. If problem persists, please contact 

Headset goes black whilst playing 

  1. Check if the headset needs charging 
  2. Refer to the Oculus support for further assistance.  


Blurry vision in headset 

  1. Adjust the headset up and down on their face until their vision is focused. The headset has a “sweet spot” in the middle of the lens where the VR environment looks much sharper. 
  2. Make sure the headset is firmly tightened on the face; your eyes need to be close to the lenses to receive a sharp vision. 
  3. Clean the lenses, they easily get smudged. 
  4. Adjust the IPD (interpupillary distance) in the headset. Average IPD for women is 61.7mm and 64.0mm for men. 
  5. If problem persists - please refer to the Oculus support for support of your headset.