Wild Boar Hunting Lane

Experience a fast paced European Wild Boar Hunt. The scenario will test your shootings skills and train your decision making as there will be sows with piglets, forbidden shot angles as well as neighboring shooters.


*This is an add on scenario to the GAIM Compact simulator and requires you to have a GAIM Compact system. Buy together with Wild Boar Hilly Forest to receive bundle discount.

How to purchase additional scenarios
Use the same email address as when you purchased your GAIM Compact. After the purchase is finished, you will need to restart GAIM in your headset. 

45 EUR

Hear the beater line approaching and the dogs chasing the boars, suddenly the bushes explode and you're in the middle of an intense wild boar hunt. The hunting scenario will test your instinctive shooting with quick animals and short windows of opportunity to take a shot. You also need to consider the safety of the beaters, other hunters, as well as the dogs.

Immerse yourself in a European Wild boar hunt.

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