High Pheasants

In High Pheasants you and your friends are having great luck. The pheasants are plentiful and fly towards you on different heights. As in real life, safety first. No shots towards the beaters on the other side of the trees, your hunting buddies beside you or the dog handlers behind you. Practice your swing and get to know your shooting. Access distance and speed of the bird to release your shot at the right moment.


How to purchase additional scenarios
Use the same email address as when you purchased your GAIM Compact. After the purchase is finished, you will need to restart GAIM in your headset. 


*This is an add on scenario to the GAIM Compact simulator and requires you to have a GAIM Compact system. 

35 EUR

It’s a cold day. The sun is shining. You and your friends are walking across the field. The beaters are in front of you on the other side of a thicket. Suddenly a large group of pheasants fly high above the trees – straight for you. It’s time for high shots. The muscle memory takes over. Time slows down.

Practice high shots before your next pheasant hunt

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