Fallow Deer Grass Meadow

Grass Meadow will present a challenging hunting environment. Expect large groups of animals that will test your patience and decision making. At full speed they also offer an environment that allow you to perfect your shooting on driven game.

Completely new animal models has been developed with a natural behavior making this a realistic and relevant practice scenario before any driven hunt.


How to purchase additional scenarios
Use the same email address as when you purchased your GAIM Compact. After the purchase is finished, you will need to restart GAIM in your headset. 


*This is an add on scenario to the GAIM Compact simulator and requires you to have a GAIM Compact system. 



35 EUR

See the large group approaching from a distance, stay still and evaluate your chances. Sudden movement will scare them off. Choose the moment and take your shot. The scenario will challenge you to single out the right animal in the herd. Fleeing in full speed the deer offer challenging shooting where you can really test your hunting skills. Like on many driven hunts there will be boars and even the occasional fox.

Test your hunting and shooting skills on groups of fallow deer

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