About GAIM

Why we spent a year creating an anatomically correct wild boar – and a couple of weeks on the flowers when making the GAIM hunting and shooting simulator.

Reality is what we’re about. Relevant reality. Your reality. At GAIM, everything
we do is to help you prepare mind and muscle for decisions in intense
situations. That’s why we hyper-focus on the details that matter. For a
hunting simulator, for example, that’s knowing what angles and trajectories
will make a clean hit on a boar – not fanciful flower petals. Of course, if
flower colour matters for practicing tracking or sight distraction, you better
believe we create the right shades.

Created by Aimpoint – the inventor of red dot sights – striving for
perfection is in our nature. Our first shooting simulator was developed to
showcase the performance of an Aimpoint red dot sight in a simulated VR
environment. We spent years in development to get the controllers and
environments right. That creative process continues constantly to ensure
every product – from VR shooting simulators and firearms handling for
hunters and sport shooters to VR scenario practice and decision-making training for police and
military – continually bring you the most relevant immersive technology
training possible.