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GAIM Hunting and Sport Shooting Bedienungsanleitung Trigger Gen 2

English, Deutsch, Français, Svenska, Español, Italiano


Wenn Sie Ihr Produkt zurücksenden möchten, füllen Sie bitte das Rücksendeformular aus

GAIM Compact Installation Guide Trigger Gen 1

English, Deutsch, Français, Svenska, Español, Italiano

General Conditions Of Sale

General Conditions Of Sale

Declaration Of Conformity

Declaration Of Conformity

Gen2 and USB-C

In diesem Abschnitt finden Sie die Video-Tutorials, die Sie benötigen, um Ihr GAIM-System vorzubereiten.

Koppeln Sie den Gen 2 Trigger mit dem Headset

Trigger Gen 2 functions

GAIM Compact Tutorial - Weapon Adjustment

GAIM Compact - Bluetooth pairing tutorial

Deutsche Installationsanleitung mit Hunter Brothers

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I'm having technical difficulties with my GAIM Compact?

Please follow our troubleshooting guide which can be found here. There are also tutorials showing different settings. If you still experience issues please contact us for support.

How is the score calculated in GAIM Compact?

General rule is that a killing shot generates 1000p. Any injuring shot deducts 100p. Breaking any safety rule deducts 250p. All points are multiplied by your accuracy which in turn is calculated by dividing killing shots with total shots. The points should encourage hunting like decisions of not taking too difficult shots.

What countries do you deliver to?

GAIM Compact is currently released in Europe.  Support so far is only English. You can still order the product to other European countries but we will not be able to offer support in your local language.

Where do I find the GAIM software in the headset?

The GAIM Software is found among all other Apps and is downloaded from Oculus App Lab

Do I need the Oculus Link cable to use GAIM Compact?

You don't need any PC or cable when playing. Only the headset and a smartphone for setup.

Can I use Mac to install the GAIM software to my headset?

You don't need any computer to install the software but it's downloaded from Oculus App Lab

What are the ballistics used in GAIM Compact

We have used the data of a standard 308w cartridge in our rifle calculations. Weight 11,7 grams. Speed 800 m/s. The calculations for shotgun is based on US6 with 411m/s exit speed and a 1/4 choke. For the handgun we have used the ballistics for a 9mm bullet weighing 8 grams ( 124 grain) with an exit speed of 360 m/s or 1180 ft/sec.

How do I know if I'm on the latest GAIM Compact software version?

We publish our release notes as soon as a new version is released where you can see what version is the latest, the release notes contains information about what's been published, e.g. bug fixes, added functionality etc. The system itself will also notify you if there is an update available.

Can you sell the headset to me as well?

We do not sell the Oculus Quest headset, you will have to purchase it separately.

Can I order a system for my friend at the same time?

Yes, you can order several systems. But we need a name and an email address for each systems account and license key. You can either make separate orders for each person with their information. Or buy several systems in one order and email the name and email address that should be connected to the other systems.

How do I purchase more scenarios?

You can purchase them here on Use the same email address as when you purchased your GAIM Compact and the new scenario will automatically be added to your account. After the purchase is finished, you will need to restart GAIM in your headset. It will then ask you for an update which is your new scenario.

Can I order the scenarios without buying the GAIM Compact first?

No, your account and license key is connected to a GAIM Compact. You need an account with us to purchase more scenarios. Use the same email always when purchasing from us.

Where can I find my license key?

It is in the first order confirmation that you received from us. Still can’t find it? Email us at Always use the same email address and name that is in the purchase, that way we can help you better.

Can I have a discount?

Generally, we do not give out discounts if it is not for a specific purpose. Example of this can be a collaboration with an organization. 

How can I buy for my company without VAT?

At the moment our system does not allow for purchases without VAT. All customers purchase with a debit or credit card. Once the order is shipped, contact us and we can extract an Invoice that shows what you paid and that you paid the correct amount of VAT for your country. 

Can I purchase a scenario for a friend?

You sure can! All you need to do is enter their email in your purchase or contact us at and we will assist you.

Do I need a Paypal account?

No, you can choose to pay with debit or credit card without logging into your Paypal account. 

Is the graphics comparable to the latest video- and computer games?

No, the graphics in a VR world powered by a headset can’t be compared to those in the more flat world of a conventional computer game, powered by a gaming PC. Hopefully the power of VR headsets catch up in the future. Then our graphics will follow that development. Right now we are at the limits of an Oculus capacity. Which is quite impressive considering its computer fits inside a headset. Most hunters appreciate the practice that our rifle and ballistics can give more than beautiful leaves and rainfall. Viewing a video captured from GAIM on a normal screen or phone is not comparable to your experience when you are immersed inside Virtual Reality.

Can I watch GAIM on a TV or computer screen?

Yes, you can use Chrome Cast to show what the shooter sees in the headset on a TV or computer screen. You can also view it on a smartphone or tablet with the Oculus app.

What Oculus Quest should I buy?

The Oculus Quest 2. It is what is sold in stores today. It is sold with 64gb, 128gb or 256gb memory. GAIM takes about 1-2gb memory. They all work for GAIM, but you might want to download other applications.

Do you only aim with a red dot in GAIM?

Being a subsidiary of Aimpoint we’re not expecting to move away from the red dot any time soon as we thoroughly believe it’s the best suited sight for the situations we simulate. Having said that, if we get enough requests to introduce a scope we might do it, but nothing we’re planning on currently. The muscle memory built up in the simulator can however still be used when shooting with a scope in real life. You can also choose to aim without the red dot sight, for example with shotgun.

Does GAIM work with Meta Quest Pro?

Yes it does!

Does GAIM work with Meta Quest?

Meta is no longer offering support for the first Meta Quest headset. GAIM can operate on the headset, but we do not recommend it and we can no longer guarantee that it will function 100%.