GAIM x DryFireMag

GAIM X DryFireMag includes a mag and holder to be used on your personal Glock. The software that is included is focused on sport shooting with a handgun.

Free GAIM Handgun Carry Case when you purchase this simulator. Offer valid until end of June.

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*To use GAIM you need a Meta Quest headset. It is not sold by us.

Compatible Glock models

9MM G17, G19, G19x, G26, G34, G45, G47, G49

.40 Cal G22, G23, G27, G35

.45 GAP G37, G38, G3

.357 SIG G31, G32, G33

The GAIM x DryFireMag® is supplied with a bore block for 9MM, we strongly advise customers with other calibers to use a bore block. Failure to use a bore block may result in serious injury, property damage, or death.

Ready for Reality

With the DryFireMag®, dry fire practice feels just like real life.

The DryFireMag® is a dry fire magazine that uses your own gun to provide audible and tactile trigger simulation. There is no need to rack the slide between shots.

Included scenarios


GAIM of Steel

Practice your speed and accuracy in this modern take of a steel challenge. Embrace the adrenaline, unleash your skills, and let three GAIM of Steel stages push you to new heights of performance.


SimPro® Sport Shooting

Select from several inanimate targets and choose speed, distance, and field of view of the targets.

Time Challenge

Test your speed and accuracy across three adrenaline-pumping stages in the Time Challenge scenario. Each stage is designed to push your precision, agility, and decision-making to achieve the fastest times.


Experience the adrenaline-fueled world of virtual IPSC competition. Engage in dynamic courses, showcasing your speed, precision, and tactical finesse.

Capture the smartness from Meta Quest

By attaching your Meta Quest hand controller to your Glock with a GAIM x DryFireMag inserted, you get precise tracking of the handguns position and movement. In the GAIM app, you can calibrate the positioning further to fit your shooting style.


Train smarter with GAIM

Accurate ballistics

The ballistic engine accounts for bullet velocity, distance, trajectory & spread

Train anywhere

When you want, where you want – not only when the shooting range is open

Build muscle memory

Dry fire practice is a proven method for improvement. Hone your shooting for instinctive performance

Endless ammo

Save big on costs with virtual bullets that never run out

360 degrees of realism

Immerse yourself in lifelike scenarios in a 360° environment

Train smarter

Instant feedback and post-shot analysis help every shooter optimize the training

Technical Specifications

Product information

Article Name
GAIM x DryFireMag

What’s in the box
GAIM X DryFireMag
Bore block for 9mm

Manufactured in USA


12 months


VR Headset requirement

Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 & Meta Pro

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