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Can I order scenarios without buying the GAIM shooting simulator?

No, your account and license key is connected to a GAIM Sport Shooting, Hunting or Complete. You need an account with us to purchase more scenarios. Use the same email always when purchasing your first simulator from us.

Where can I find my license key?

Your license key is available in myGAIM that you reach at Are a customer from before myGAIM was launched on January 16th 2024? Then use the same email linked to your license key when creating a myGAIM account and all your info will be there. If you are a new customer you will receive an Activation code from us after purchase. That code can be used to activate your purchase in myGAIM. Either by you or someone you choose to give the code to.

How do I purchase more scenarios and activate them in my system?

After purchase you will recieve an Activation code via email. Enter the code into your myGAIM account on and add it to your existing license key. You can also choose to give the activation code to a friend or family member.

What Oculus / Meta Quest should I buy?

The Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 or Pro. It is sold with 128gb or more memory. GAIM takes about 2gb memory. They all work for GAIM, but you might want to download other applications.

Can I order a system for my friend at the same time?

Yes, you can order several systems. But we need a name and an email address for each systems account and license key. You can either make separate orders for each person with their information. Or buy several systems in one order and email the name and email address that should be connected to the other systems.

Can I purchase a scenario or simulator for a friend?

You sure can! After purchase you will receive an Activation code. The activation code can be used by you, or anyone you choose to give it to in myGAIM. Your friend will create an account on Then they can activate your purchase with the Activation code.

Can you sell the headset to me as well?

We do not sell the Meta Quest headset, you will have to purchase it separately.

What countries do you deliver to?

GAIM is currently available in Europe and USA. Delivery normally takes between 3-5 business days.

What headset is compatible with GAIM?

Currently Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest pro. It is what is sold in stores today. It is sold with 128gb or 256gb memory. GAIM takes about 1-2gb memory.

What payment options do you offer?

The options can be different depending on what country you order from. We have debit/credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay and Klarna.


What is your return policy?

If you for any reason would like to return your GAIM system you have the right to return the product in unused condition up to 14 days after receiving your product without any reason. If you like us to send you a return shipping label within EU please contact us on If you live in North America contact

How do I make a return?

You can find our return form with more information among the files on our support page. Make sure you follow the instructions for EU or US. We only accept returns for packages with hardware, not standalone software.

Hunting and Shooting

How do I play multiplayer?

First, both users need to own a GAIM Simulator and the scenario you intend to play multiplayer with. Multiplayer is then done in three easy steps: 1. Host a game in the multiplayer section. You will receive a four letter code. e.g. TNKL 2. Call or text your hunting buddy and ask them to join your session using the code. The scenario will become available when your friend joins the session. End your phone call. 3. You can now talk via the headset. Have fun hunting together!

How is the score calculated in GAIM?

General rule is that a killing shot generates 1000p. Any injuring shot deducts 100p. Breaking any safety rule deducts 250p. All points are multiplied by your accuracy which in turn is calculated by dividing killing shots with total shots. The points should encourage hunting like decisions of not taking too difficult shots.

What are the ballistics used in GAIM?

We have used the data of a standard 308w cartridge in our rifle calculations. Weight 11,7 grams. Speed 800 m/s. The calculations for shotgun is based on US6 with 411 m/s exit speed and a 1/4 choke. For the handgun we have used the ballistics for a 9mm bullet weighing 8 grams ( 124 grain) with an exit speed of 360 m/s or 1180 ft/sec.

How can I adjust my weapon in GAIM?

Here is a YouTube video of how you can adjust your weapon:


How do I connect the Trigger Gen 2?

1. Put the battery in the trigger unit. 2. The LED button will blink several colors. Press the LED light button for 3 seconds until it blinks red for 1 second followed by a yellow blinking light. This means the trigger is reset and ready to pair again. 3. The LED light should blink yellow indicating that the trigger is actively searching for a connection. 4. In the headset go to Settings // Devices // Bluetooth pairing. If the GAIM Controller is visible but listed as Previously Paired, you need to forget this device. Then exit the menu and enter it again. 5. Pair with the GAIM Controller 6. When connected the trigger will blink green at every shot.

What is required to use GAIM?

To start using GAIM you need a license key from us that you receive when purchasing on of our simulators. Together with a Meta Quest 2, Pro or 3. GAIM can be used with a GAIM rifle, handgun or with the Meta hand controllers. No computer is needed. If you want to share your view with others you use Chromecast from the headset to a screen.

Where do I find the GAIM software in the headset?

The GAIM Software is found among all other Apps and is downloaded from Meta Store App Labs.

Can I watch GAIM on a TV or computer screen?

Yes, you can use Chrome Cast to show what the shooter sees in the headset on a TV or computer screen. You can also view it on a smartphone or tablet with the Oculus app.

Do I pair the trigger via the phone app or in the headset?

After an update at Meta, the ability to connect your device via the mobile app has disappeared for some users. Please pair the Trigger directly with the headset.

Can I use Mac / PC to install the GAIM software to my headset?

You don't need any computer to install the software but it's downloaded from Oculus App Lab.

How do I know if I'm on the latest GAIM software version?

We publish our release notes as soon as a new version is released where you can see what version is the latest, the release notes contains information about what's been published, e.g. bug fixes, added functionality etc. The system itself will also notify you if there is an update available.


Are you having technical difficulties with GAIM?

Please contact us at for further assistance. Our customer service team is always ready to help.