GAIM Clay Shooting

GAIM Clay Shooting includes the GAIM Wooden Rifle or GAIM Adjustable Rifle and 9 shooting scenarios with a focus on clay shooting, making it the ideal starter pack for new virtual reality hunters and sport shooters.

Free GAIM Carry All Case when you purchase this simulator. Offer valid until end of June.

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*To use GAIM you need a Meta Quest headset. It is not sold by us.

Practice your swing and compete


Included scenarios


SimPro® Clay Pigeon

Imagine yourself alone at the Clay Pigeon Course, no waiting time, no restrictions of what throwers to use, no pressure, just you and whatever throwers you want to activate.


Skeet, Trap & 5-stand

In this package you get three competitive shotgun scenarios – Skeet, Trap & 5-stand​.


Wood Pigeon Farmers Field

Summer has almost ended. The pigeons are feasting on the corn crop. You and your semiautomatic shotgun will put an end to that and help the farmer.


High Pheasants

In High Pheasants you and your friends are having great luck. The pheasants are plentiful and fly towards you on different heights.


Unleash your waterfowl hunting skills in the Mallard scenario where you will enjoy the freedom of shooting at 360 degrees.

SimPro® Hunting

Created for rapid improvement, SimPro® lets you choose from a wide array of animals and targets, speed, distance, and more.

American Trap

Compete with your friends in American Trap multiplayer. Or train on your own shooting doubles and singles with a handicap system that lets you pick shooting distance. Multiplayer allows up to 4 shooters.

GAIM Wooden Rifle

We collaborated with an Italian rifle stock manufacturer to develop a unique rifle for the GAIM simulator. The stock is handcrafted in Italy and assembled with the GAIM Trigger in Sweden, creating a virtual reality weapon that feels like the real deal. The GAIM wooden rifle is 3-in-1 in the simulator and can be used as an AR platform, shotgun, and bolt-action rifle.

Capture the smartness from Meta Quest

By attaching your Meta Quest hand controller to the GAIM Wooden Rifle, you get precise tracking of the rifle’s position and movement. In the GAIM app, you can calibrate the positioning further to fit your shooting style.


Train smarter with GAIM

Accurate ballistics

The ballistic engine accounts for bullet velocity, distance, trajectory & spread

Train anywhere

When you want, where you want – not only when the shooting range is open

Build muscle memory

Dry fire practice is a proven method for improvement. Hone your shooting for instinctive performance

Endless ammo

Save big on costs with virtual bullets that never run out

360 degrees of realism

Immerse yourself in lifelike scenarios in a 360° environment

Train smarter

Instant feedback and post-shot analysis help every shooter optimize the training

Technical Specifications

Product information

Article Name
GAIM Clay Shooting

What’s in the box
GAIM Wooden Rifle
Quest 2 Holder


Length: 33.07 in (84 cm)
Width: 1.97 in (5 cm)

Height: 5.31 in (13.5 cm)

Rifle: 4.2 lbs (1922 gram)

Rifle+Holder+Trigger: 4.48 lbs (2030 gram)

Design & durability

Wooden rifle stock made of solid walnut

Designed in Sweden, handmade in Italy


12 months


VR Headset requirement

Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 & Meta Pro

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