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Enhance your shooting skills with cutting edge VR technology


GAIM x DryFireMag

With the GAIM x DryFireMag you can take your dry fire practice into virtual reality.

The GAIM x DryFireMag is a bluetooth connected dry fire magazine that uses your own gun as a training gun in GAIM. There is no need to rack the slide between shots.

Become a better shooter

Practice becomes instincts. Instincts become decisions. Decisions become your reality.


Training for recreational and competitive shooters, and personal protection.

Shop simulator


Master your hunt. Equipped with shotgun, rifle, hunting scenarios and analysis.

Shop simulator

Clay shooting

A package for the clay pigeon sport shooter and bird shooting hunter.

Shop simulator


Train smarter with GAIM

Accurate ballistics

The ballistic engine accounts for bullet velocity, distance, trajectory & spread

Train anywhere

When you want, where you want – not only when the shooting range is open

Build muscle memory

Dry fire practice is a proven method for improvement. Hone your shooting for instinctive performance

Endless ammo

Save big on costs with virtual bullets that never run out

360 degrees of realism

Immerse yourself in lifelike scenarios in a 360° environment

Train smarter

Instant feedback and post-shot analysis help every shooter optimize the training


Hear what the shooting community has to say about GAIM

  • "The intensive training it provides translates really well into the real world and it can dramatically improve your shooting. Highly recommended!"

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    Paul Austin

    Rifle Shooter Magazine, UK

  • "Best way to save on ammo."

    Roger Barrera

    QVO Tactical, USA

  • “It´s perfect for practice and working on your shooting form at home."

    Kali Parmley

    GunDog Magazine, USA

  • Full Review: "My GAIM play has turned into an addiction... but they have done more than that. GAIM is a virtual world that we can escape to.

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    Eric R. Poole

    Guns & Ammo, US

  • "Imagine if you could spend hours honing your shooting skills, whether at the clay ground, or on a movingtarget range. Now imagine you could do all this at zero costs or transportation. You’ve just imagined GAIM."

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    Jules Whicker

    Gunmart, UK

  • "Jag ser GAIM som ett mycket bra komplement till ditt vanliga skytte och denna simulator ger dig många fler träningstillfällen under året." Page 32-34

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    Tobias Åberg

    Bearplay Magazine, SWE

  • "Aus meiner Sicht ist GAIM kein reines Spiel, sondern durchaus dazu in der Lage, als halbwegs realistischer Simulator mit Lerneffekt für die jagdliche Praxis zu fungieren."

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    Rasso Walch


  • "Not only very fun, also a very good training tool"

    Tiberious Gib


  • "Olen kesän ajan päässyt tutustumaan Aimpointin kehittämään GAIM metsästys ja -ammuntasimulaattoriin ja selvittänyt onko se erittäin hauska peli vai ammuntaharjoittelua tukeva hankinta."

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  • "Für mich stellt die GAIM dennoch die derzeit beste Lösung für das private Training des Flüchtigschießen oder das Schießen auf bewegtes Wild samt richtigen Vorhaltemaß dar."

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    Christian K

  • "I believe that users will get out what they put in with GAIM; if they take the scenarios seriously and take advantage of the analysis tools, they can become better, more prepared hunters and shooters."

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    Joe Kurtenbach

    Guns & Ammo, US

  • "Virtual reality shooting simulator GAIM Compact is both fun and practical, bringing the excitement of rifle and shotgun shooting into your home."

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    Frank Stephenson

    Scribehound, UK

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Virtual shooting training with real-world results

Enhance your muscle memory, speed & precision with realistic training guns, accurate ballistics and fully immersive software scenarios.

Aim beyond reality with the makers of Aimpoint

Developed by Aimpoint. Perfected by a community of hunters, sport shooters and law enforcement experts. The GAIM shooting system promises to make you ready for reality.



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