Notas de la versión GAIM Compact

Nuestro sistema está en constante desarrollo. Para saber cómo mejoramos continuamente su experiencia en GAIM, lea nuestras notas de lanzamiento a continuación. - Released 15.02.2023

  • Release of new firearm controller – the GAIM Training Handgun
  • Release of SimPro®  Sport Shooting nad GAIM of Steel
  • Update of Time Challenge and IPSC to support using handgun. - Released 20.12.2022

  • Release of Wild Boar Corn Field
  • Release of 5-Stand

2.0 - Released 10.05.2022

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • We have upgraded the Unreal engine that runs all graphics and simulations to a newer version (4.26). This will result in better performance overall.
  • First, we have done a huge clean up and re-factoring of all existing scenarios. This means solving old bugs but also introducing many requested features, for example…
  • You can now change to all Aimpoint sights in all scenarios
  • You can now select magnifier (3x and 6x) in all scenarios
  • You can change zeroing distance, standard is 80m but you can change this up to 120m
  • You can change MOA with a slider to easier find your preferred settings
  • We have now added heat map and analytics to all scenarios (incl moose and bear)
  • We have added all animals to heat map in all scenarios (e.g fox in Hunting Lane and also all wild boar sizes)
  • We have added high score lists in all scenarios
  • We have added a lot of functionality in the back ground that will be released around summer. Preparations for multi user
  • You can change chokes in shotgun scenarios (1/2 is default in hunting and open is default in clay pigeon scenarios)
  • You will also notice that main menu is re-grouped to make it easier to find relevant scenario
  • SimPro menu/functionality is updated with more animals and more settings for both rifle and shotgun (e.g speed and flight height for birds) - Released 20.12.2022

  • Release of Wild Boar Corn Field
  • Release of 5-Stand