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"Best way to save on ammo" – Review and guide by Roger Barrera, QVO Tactical.

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"The intensive training it provides translates really well into the real world and it can
dramatically improve your shooting. Highly recommended!" – Paul Austin, Rifle Shooter Magazine

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"I believe that users will get out what they put in with GAIM; if they take the scenarios seriously and take advantage of the analysis tools, they can become better, more prepared hunters and shooters." – Joe Kurtenbach, Guns & Ammo

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"Imagine if you could spend a couple of hours honing your shooting skills, whether at the clay ground, or on a movingtarget range, whenever you wanted and wherever you were. Imagine too that you could apply those skills as readily in the intense atmosphere of a driven hunt, in a wood replete with game, or a marsh thronging with duck. Now imagine you could do all this at zero cost in fees, consumables or transportation. You’ve just imagined GAIM’s Compact VR shooting simulator." – Jules Whicker, Gunmart

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"Virtual reality shooting simulator GAIM Compact is both fun and practical, bringing the excitement of rifle and shotgun shooting into your home." –  Frank Stephenson, Scribehound

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