SimPro® Hunting Exam

In Hunting Exam you have the whole shooting range to yourself. You have the opportunity to do the entire shooting exam or choose a specific part of it to practice over and over again. Hunting Exam has virtual versions of the shooting exams from Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany.


How to purchase additional scenarios
Use the same email address as when you purchased your GAIM Compact. After the purchase is finished, you will need to restart GAIM in your headset. 


*This is an add on scenario to the GAIM Compact simulator and requires you to have a GAIM Compact system

35 EUR

You are at the end of your course to receive a hunting license. The day of the shooting exam is here. You’re nervous. Imagine having done and passed the shooting exam hundreds of times already. Preparation calms your nerves. Being calm helps you perform. SimPro® Hunting Exam gives you unlimited access to a shooting course and lets you prepare for your next shooting session.

Prepare yourself for your shooting exam

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