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Breathe. This is the call. Hoped it would never come. Heart pounds. We’re all rookies now. Are we ready? Yes. We’ve done it a hundred times. Move out. Breathe.

Some situations are your daily reality. Some happen only once in a career. We know you have to prepare for all of it, because that’s the job. What if you could experience any scenario in advance - training to handle

the blood-pumping intensity? In our reality, you can. GAIM simulator offers cost-effective VR decision and shooting simulators for police and military training and scenario practice that can be hard to create in real life.




Performing in intense situations require large amount of practice and preparation. The GAIM Professional is developed to offer a training solution for Law Enforcement and Military to practise in environments and situations that can be hard to access or build in real life.

Bring efficiency to your training

GAIM makes you ready for your reality. With a continuously expanding library of scenarios developed by professionals you can be sure to find relevant training in a GAIM system. Our team can also work with you to develop scenarios specifically designed for your needs.

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