GAIM Compact

Starting package contains:

1x GAIM VR Rifle

1x Software bundle which includes:

  • Hunting Modules - Wild Boar, Stag, Waterfowl
  • SimPro® analysing module
  • Sport shooting with IPSC & Time Challenge
  • Moose & Bear beta modules

Estimated delivery time is 1-3 weekdays.


*VR Headset is not included in the GAIM Compact, it is purchased separately. 64 gb is enough for GAIM Compact. The GAIM Software is available on Oculus App Lab.

**GAIM Compact comes in 2 versions making it compatible with both Oculus / Meta Quest and Oculus / Meta Quest 2. Oculus Quest 1 is not sold anymore. We only provide GAIM for Quest 1 to customers that already own it. If you want GAIM  for Oculus / Meta Quest 1 - please email after you have placed your order. 


At home, in the office, at the range – immerse yourself in environments where every detail is purposely crafted to hone your skills. Developed with Aimpoint shooting precision, GAIM Compact bring accessibility, repeatability and accuracy to your training. GAIM offer a expanding library of training and hunting modules to allow for fun and always challenging situations.

The most convenient shooting simulator

GAIM gives you an opportunity to train in intense situations making you ready for reality.

Like with all GAIM products a lot of effort has gone into creating anatomically correct animals with correctly represented hit zones. Our ballistic engine ensures correct prediction of lead and you can be sure of training in an environment close to reality.

The initial bundle comes with a selection of different hunting scenarios, Wild Boar, Red Stag & Fox, Waterfowl and the SimPro® module that is also found in the full GAIM Commercial system. This together gives you everything needed for a full shooting simulator. New modules are developed constantly and can be added as they are released.


Technical requirements

To be able to install and run the GAIM software you need:

- Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset

- The software is available on Oculus App Lab and downloaded straight to the headset

SimPro® which is included in all GAIM hunting simulators is a module developed to turn your GAIM system into a full-blown shooting analyser and practise tool. The user can select from several targets and choose speed, distance, and angle of the targets to allow for many different shooting situations. The after shot analysis helps the shooter understand how distance and speed impact the lead required in different situations. With the wide range of adjustments available, with shotgun or rifle, the module is useful for all levels of shooters, from beginner to professional.

The perfect tool to improve your shooting

The GAIM Compact supports the Oculus / Meta platform and can be used either with Oculus / Meta Quest or Oculus / Meta Quest 2. Together with the GAIM VR Rifle you will have a hunting simulator easy to use and portable to bring with you wherever you are.

Simplicity and performace with a standalone headset

Breathe. Was that a movement to the right? Grip tenses. Is it a boar? Yes. Swing through. Eyes open. Red dot. That’s the lung. Yes! Breathe.

Sometimes one breath is all the time you have to act – often less. Practice is everything. We know. Made by hunters for hunters, we’ve put years into ensuring every moment in a GAIM VR shooting simulator 

is true to a hunter’s reality – from the anatomically correct animals to the handcrafted rifle and shotgun controller. Bring your marksman skills to the next level right at home with GAIM.




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